Voice/Text Logging Recorders

Energy & Utility Companies

Maintaining the infrastructures for energy, the electrical grid, and communications are daunting tasks; organizations must always be planning, upgrading, and maintaining in the face of volatile weather conditions and natural disasters. To perform these functions, teams rely on many means of communication, ranging from two-way radio to telephony to text messages. Accurate recording of these communications isn’t just necessary for policy compliance; it lowers liability risks and highlights opportunities to improve quality and output.

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Designed for Utility & Energy Companies

Call, Radio & SMS Recording

The features & reliability you need.

  • Phone/mobile, radio & SMS recording

  • Record calls from geographically-diverse systems, if needed

  • Record at geographically-diverse sources, and access centrally

  • Capture recordings from both new and legacy technologies

  • Captures deep metadata on every recording for maximum impact

  • Field-tested, industry-proven recording for over 30 years

  • ExaCare™ Support takes care of you along the way

  • Easy review/redaction/export tools your staff will love

Record Everything

Logging Recorders for Energy & Utility Communications

Exacom’s multimedia logging recorder can capture every piece of communication between/around dispatch and field units. By using a single recording platform, you can easily reconstruct an incident using every data point.

Phone & VoIP Systems

Analog Phone

Avaya SIP/H.323

Cisco SIP

IPC Unigy »






& More!

Radio & RoIP Systems

L3Harris VIDA P25 Radio w/wo Encryption »

EFJohnson/Kenwood P25 Radio

Motorola Solutions™ »
Airbus/Cassidian P25 Radio w/wo Encryption
ASTRO P25 Radio w/wo Encryption

Tait Radio »
DMR Tier 2 Conventional Radio
DMR Tier 3 Digital Trunked Radio


& More!

Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTX)

Samsung (ie FirstNet)
Direct to LTE Servers

Ericsson (ie Frontline)
Direct to LTE Servers

Catalyst Intellilink Interworking

Etherstack Agency Onboarding Router (AOR)

Dispatch Consoles

Avtec Scout


Maestro, Symphony

Motorola Solutions
MCC7500, MIPS5000, WAVE

Telex Vega

ACOM, MAX Dispatch

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Feature-Packed Recording Software

Powerful Recording Systems

IT-Friendly Recording Solutions

Software features that will keep your IT team happy and your communications systems healthy.

  • Flexible Deployment Configurations
    From on-premise to virtual to cloud, we work with you to determine the best solution to fit your situation.

  • Software-Focused Approach
    Our recording is 100% software-based. That makes our recorders highly scalable and easily maintained or upgraded.

  • No-Hassle Monitoring Features
    Our systems include SNMP-based self-monitoring software that alerts you as soon as there’s an issue.

  • Pure COTS Hardware
    Best-in-class commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware provides a wide range of alternatives to deliver on simple and complex configurations.

Why Choose Exacom?

Cybersecurity At the Forefront

Our recorder is the only one certified by the DoD for Cybersecurity and Interoperability, and we’ve taken countless other measures to ensure our customers’ security.

Flexible Recording Capabilities

Record nearly every kind of data at any location, anytime you want, and in a variety of methods.

Driving Industry Advancements

We work on your behalf to advance industry standards, integrations, and technologies—so you don’t have to.

IT-Friendly Recording Solutions

IT Departments love us! We offer a variety of flexible deployment options, automatic backup and alerting features, and more.

Scalable, Cost-Effective Solutions

Our systems scale from small and simple to large and complex, so you don’t pay for more than you need.

Field-Tested & Industry-Proven

We’ve been designing recording technology for over 30 years and have successful installations around the world.

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