Multimedia Logging Recorder

Exacom’s robust logging recorder platform, HindSight 4, addresses the challenges within mission-critical data and audio recording. Intuitive, scalable, and secure, this voice logger is field-proven with installations ranging from single-sites to complex multi-site configurations.

Record from 80+ Sources

Single place of record for phone, radio, CHE, CAD, NG 9-1-1 i3, SIP, Text/MMS, MCPTX, videos & more

Record L3Harris Two-Way Radio Systems Radio Recording
Record Motorola Radio Systems Radio Recording
Record Avaya Phone Systems Audio Recording
Record Third-Party Data from RapidSOS Portal Phone Calls
Record CentralSquare CAD data
Record Zetron Consoles Audio Recording
Record Avaya Phone Systems Audio Recording
Record Solacom Consoles Audio Recording
Record Intrado Consoles Audio Recording
Record Zetron Consoles Audio Recording
Record Telex Consoles Audio Recording

“They were able to record all Radio, 911 Phones, Intercom and Office Phones all on one server. Other companies wanted a single server for each… The system is very user-friendly.”

City of Aurora, Colorado | Robert Greer, Sr. Business Solutions Architect

Smarter Incident Management

Automatically Build Incidents

Pull together recordings by the CAD ID* or timeframe with just a couple clicks.

Easily Share Entire Incidents

Quickly share Incident recordings via email with just a link, or download the entire Incident in a ZIP file or authenticated package to send to anyone.

The Features You’d Expect

Speedy Browser-Based Software

New browser-based software is 190% faster than previous desktop versions.

14 Ways to Search & Filter

Search and filter by what’s said in the audio (via transcription), the ANI/ALI or GPS location, CAD or Incident ID, RapidSOS data, any added tags and bookmarks, and more.

Eliminate Downtime

Resilient, Accessible Hardware

Redundancies are built into our hardware, such as redundant power supplies and RAID hard drive configurations. Our hardware is made up of COTS components which can easily be sourced & replaced by your own staff.

Redundancy at Any/Every Level

Recorders can be set up in redundant or geo-diverse redundant configurations for true 24/7/365 up-time.

Real-Time Fault Monitoring

You get alerts immediately if recorded traffic on your system is outside of a certain threshold.

Get the Whole Picture

Analyze & Monitor

Analyze and monitor your people, systems, and processes with out-of-the-box dashboard charts and reports.

Capture Every Detail for Incident Reconstruction

Examples of our deep integrations include recording RapidSOS portal data on a caller such as location or medical history, recording StatusAware info from L3Harris radio units, and telecommunicator screen/console recording.

Top-Rated for Cybersecurity

Every system we ship is, at minimum, hardened to near Military-grade specifications.

Share Recording Resources & Costs

A single recorder (and associated costs) can be shared across multiple departments or organizations while only allowing appropriate access to recordings. Partition access to records by user, team, department, agency, or organization.

Solutions That Scale With You

Exacom uses open architecture (Windows OS and SQL databases) to build our logging recorders, so they’re easy to maintain and scale. Add more recorders cost-effectively as your communications expand.

Keep Your IT Team Happy

IT-Friendly Deployment Options

Exacom can deploy our logging recorder software however best suits your technology infrastructure.

On-Premise COTS Logging Recorder Hardware

For on-premise systems we use Dell COTS hardware. This helps us minimize the total cost of ownership (and downtime) for our customers. Learn More

Virtual Logging Recorder Systems

Our Windows-based software easily sits on a customer-provided virtual machine, either on virtual resources at their private facility or in a public cloud-based VM environment.

Cloud Logging Recorders

For customers looking to leverage the scalability and predictability of the cloud, Exacom can help get you there.

Learn more about our Cloud-Native Solution.

Learn more about our Hybrid-Cloud Solution.

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