HindSight 4 Deployment Options

Public Cloud-Based Virtual Communications Logging Recorder

For IT-intensive customers building out public cloud-based virtual environments, this option provides the desired flexibility, scalability, control, and cost advantages.

In this deployment model, Exacom’s HindSight 4 software runs on a customer-provided Windows virtual environment. The customer remains in control of the entire software environment. The customer pays a yearly subscription fee to Exacom for ongoing support and updates, including all new feature releases and cyber/security patches.

There are a few ways that agencies could leverage this cloud-based solution:

  1. To record 100% cloud-capable communications systems: Cisco Active or any system that uses the NENA i3 standard, like Avaya & Solacom.
  2. To record cloud-capable communications systems (see bullet above) plus up to 8 analog channels. Our unique analog acquisition device keeps costs low.
  3. For customers with multiple sites, this cloud-based virtual logging recorder could function as a cloud-based recording backup server and cloud-based centralized recording access.