Voice Logging Recorders

Securely Record Government communications

Government organizations (at the Federal, State, County, or City level) have strict recording requirements designed to ensure high levels of security and reliability. These requirements get more complicated on military bases which function like small cities, each running their own fire, police, EMS, and 911 operations.

Exacom is one of the most popular recording devices on military installations and at governmental sites. We are experienced at meeting the complex and rigorous requirements of this vital government segment.

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Focused on Cybersecurity

Every system we ship is, at minimum, hardened to near Military-grade specifications. For the highest security requirements, we offer JITC-certified-level hardening. Exacom’s HindSight is the only logging recorder JITC-certified by the DoD for government use.

American-Owned & Operated

Exacom multimedia logging recorders are 100% American-Made. All research, production, and manufacturing is done within the United States. Additionally, all of our Sales and Support Offices are located throughout North America.

Designed for Government Agencies

Recording for Government, DoD, Military & More

  • High-availability (24/7/365) evidentiary-grade recording

  • Record Phone/mobile, radio, SMS, video, email & screens

  • Record calls from geographically-diverse systems, if needed

  • Record at geographically-diverse sources, and access centrally

  • Capture recordings from both new and legacy technologies

  • JITC & Information Assurance (IA) hardening options

  • Record every piece of data so you can review the whole incident

  • Field-tested, industry-proven recording for over 30 years

  • ExaCare™ Support takes care of you along the way

  • Easy review/redaction/export tools your staff will love

Our recording solutions are available via: GSA, 2GIT, SEWP, NCPA, HGACBuy, and the Utah Cooperative Contract. Learn More

Record Everything

Record Audio & Metadata from Phone, Radio, and C2 Platforms

Record a variety of communication types in a single recording platform.

Phone & VoIP Systems

Analog Phone

Avaya SIP/H.323

Cisco SIP

IPC Unigy »






& More!

Radio & RoIP Systems

L3Harris VIDA P25 Radio w/wo Encryption »

EFJohnson/Kenwood P25 Radio

Motorola Solutions™ »
Airbus/Cassidian P25 Radio w/wo Encryption
ASTRO P25 Radio w/wo Encryption

Tait Radio »
DMR Tier 2 Conventional Radio
DMR Tier 3 Digital Trunked Radio


& More!

Command & Control (C2)


L3Harris C2

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Feature-Packed Recording Software

Powerful Recording Systems

IT-Friendly Recording Solutions

Software features that will keep your IT team happy and your communications systems healthy.

  • Flexible Deployment Configurations
    From on-premise to virtual to cloud, we work with you to determine the best solution to fit your situation.

  • Software-Focused Approach
    Our recording is 100% software-based. That makes our recorders highly scalable and easily maintained or upgraded.

  • No-Hassle Monitoring Features
    Our systems include SNMP-based self-monitoring software that alerts you as soon as there’s an issue.

  • Pure COTS Hardware
    Best-in-class commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware provides a wide range of alternatives to deliver on simple and complex configurations.