Record Aura Communicaitons

Exacom multimedia logging recorder systems have been tested and validated to record Avaya Aura phone system audio and metadata.

Aura SIP via SBC

The SIP routing system processes all Inbound and Outbound calls from an endpoint to Avaya Session Border Controller (SBC). The logging recorder uses SIP recording to record SIP trunk calls that pass through the Avaya SBC.

Aura H.323/Analog/Digital Audio via AES

Exacom has integrated with Avaya’s Application Enablement Services (AES) to record all voice audio and metadata on the Aura platform.

Validated for Cybersecurity & Interoperability

In 2022, Exacom partnered with Avaya to enhance the interoperability and cybersecurity of their combined offering. Together, their solution met the Department of Defense’s current interoperability and cybersecurity requirements and is now on the DoDIN APL for usage by government agencies.