Cloud-Native Logging Recorder

HindSight Cloud

Exacom’s HindSight Cloud is the first-ever cloud-native multimedia logging recorder software built for mission-critical communications.

HindSight Cloud was built entirely from the ground-up on AWS GovCloud but is based on our proven HindSight 4 platform and its predecessors, which have supported 1000s of customers worldwide since 1986.

Built on Amazon AWS GovCloud

CJIS Compliant

Direct-Connect to Other Cloud Services

NENA i3 Compliant

Why Leverage a Cloud-Native Logging Recorder?

Continue Critical Operations

Software options like Cloud-Native Recording allow you to relocate your communications operations to a backup site or mobile facility at a moment’s notice, without recording downtime.

Access Anywhere, Securely

It’s easy to access your recordings anywhere in the world securely in Exacom’s cloud-native logging recorder platform, even if you’re using a more traditional implementation (on-premise or VM).

Less Reliance on Vendors & Hardware

Exacom only requires hardware for analog, digital, or T1 communications. Everything else can be recorded via software on a VM or in the Cloud. For hardware that is required, you can buy recording hardware from us, bring your own, or get rid of it all together… tailor your solution based on your exact situation & available IT resources.

True Disaster Recovery

Organizations that leverage direct-to-cloud recording can rest assured that anytime their communications systems are online, communications are being recorded. For any implementations that do require something on-site, we offer options for on-prem hardware backups or a variety of hardware- or cloud-enabled options for geo-redundancy.

Close the Door to Cyber Threats

Our logging recorder platforms are highly cybersecure, shaped by our experience with U.S. Department of Defense standards. We bolstered our capabilities in June 2023 by acquiring SecuLore Solutions which specializes in cybersecurity for public safety, critical infrastructure, and local governments.

Predictable Cost Structure

Our logging recorder SaaS pricing eliminates the large up-front capital expense that organizations have had to pay traditionally. It also eliminates the bulky hardware refresh costs they’ve had to pay every 5-7 years with legacy solutions.

What if I Still Need Hardware?

Organizations might need or want on-premise equipment as part of their recording solution for a couple reasons:

Local Survivability

On-premise equipment or a Virtual Machine can store recordings locally as a backup

Req’d for Recording

Analog, digital, and T1 communications require a hardware interface to be recorded

Benefits of Cloud-Native Technology

Scalability & Cost-Effectiveness

Cloud-native apps can seamlessly scale up or down based on demand, optimizing resource utilization and reducing costs. You only pay for what you use, making it a cost-effective solution for dynamic workloads.

Improved Cybersecurity

Cloud providers offer robust security features and best practices that can be leveraged by cloud-native applications. Additionally, microservices architecture can limit the attack surface and potential damage if a breach occurs.

Reliability and Resilience

Microservices architecture and containerization make cloud-native software inherently more resilient. If one service fails, others can continue to function, minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent performance.

Faster Feature Development & Rollout

By breaking down applications into smaller, independent microservices and leveraging automated processes, cloud-native software allows for much faster development cycles and easier updates.

Directly Connect to Other Cloud-Based Software

Cloud-based software can easily and directly to other services and software in cloud-native environments, without bulky hardware interfaces.

Future-Proof Technology

The evolving nature of cloud-native technologies ensures continuous updates and improvements, keeping your mission-critical communications on the cutting edge and adaptable to future needs.