P25 Radio Recording

Radio Voice Recording for P25 Radio Systems

Live Monitoring, Instant Replay, Archival

Single Source of Record for Phone, Radio, Dispatch, etc.

Smarter Incident Management & Reconstruction

Resiliency & Alerts for 24/7/365 Uptime

Highly Cybersecure

IT-Friendly Deployment Options

Centralize Recordings from Multiple Systems

Record Your Specific Communications

Exacom offers a wide array of radio recording options, including recording P25 radios from many different radio companies. With over 35 years of field-proven experience and product development, they’re some of the most stable recorder systems in the industry. Our recorders work within your existing communications infrastructure—not just now, but in future as new technologies are implemented.

Exacom is their Preferred Logging Recorder
VIDA P25 Radio Systems

Exacom’s recording solutions capture audio and metadata via the VNIC interface. Our recorders support simultaneous multi-channel decoding of packetized IMBE vocoded communications conforming to P25 (Phase 1 & 2) requirements, as well as decoding other vocoder formats the radio systems can use, such as AMBE, GSM or PCM. This support also extends to the XL-185P and XL-200P portable P25 radios that also support LTE connectivity.

ASTRO & VESTA P25 Radio Systems

Exacom’s logging recorders support trunked P25, conventional P25, and analog communications on the Motorola ASTRO P25 radio systems. We also support Motorola VESTA (formerly Airbus P25). Through Motorola Solutions’ Archive Interface Server (AIS) and Voice Processing Module (VPM), our recorders capture the IP audio streams and any related metadata and store them for easy retrieval.

Tait P25 Radio Systems

Exacom’s logging recorders capture all audio and associated metadata via the radio interface.

Logging Recorders for Tait Radio Systems Endorsed
EFJohnson/Kenwood P25 Radio Systems

Exacom’s logging recorders capture all audio and associated metadata via the radio interface.

If you don’t see your P25 Radio System listed above, that doesn’t mean we can’t record it!
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