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Recording Harris P25 Radio Systems

Exacom’s solutions for Harris P25 radio recording capture radio audio and metadata via the VNIC interface, meaning we support L3Harris P25 recording and legacy EDACS recording, and OpenSky systems.

Our recorders also support Status Aware information, Information Assurance/Hardening, and L3Harris Cybersecurity measures.

Our recorders support simultaneous multi-channel decoding of packetized IMBE vocoded communications conforming to Harris P25 trunked Radio (Phase 1 & 2) requirements, as well as decoding other vocoder formats the radio systems can use, such as AMBE, GSM or PCM. This support also extends to the XL-185P and XL-200P portable P25 mobile radios that also support LTE connectivity.

Recorded VNIC communications from the Harris radio system can be processed using optional AES encryption/decryption algorithms, and support automatic, manual, or Over the Air Rekeying (OTAR).

FirstNet & L3Harris

Many L3Harris radios and systems have been designated as FirstNet Ready and certified for use on the AT&T commercial network. Exacom’s recorders are able to record all media that come in through the VIDA® core, including FirstNet communications. This includes any communications that happen via the BeOn® Mobile Application.

Integrated Harris P25 Radio Recording

Aligned at Every Level

Focussed on Cybersecurity

Exacom is aligned with L3Harris cybersecurity policies and requirements. Additionally, Exacom is doing our part to actively invest in company- and product-level security measures and enhancements to mitigate customer risks. These efforts make Exacom’s HindSight offering the most secure recording solution on the market.

Exacom & L3Harris Allow You To:

Record The Most Transmission Data

Exacom customers will be able to get the most data out of every interaction on their L3Harris systems. Both companies are dedicating to driving deeper integrations now and in the future.

Be Prepared For Oncoming Changes

Our customers will never have to worry if their new L3Harris radio system is supported. Exacom has been given priority access to L3Harris’ testing labs and is diligent about maximizing our compatibility with the latest L3Harris technologies and products.

Stay On The Cutting Edge

Technology within mission-critical communications changes quickly. With Exacom and L3Harris combining their efforts to advance security, reliability, and capabilities, customers will be on the front lines of those advancements.

l3harris mission critical alliance recording
Exacom is a proud member

The Mission Critical Alliance is an L3Harris partner program for best-of-breed mission-critical and public safety technology solution providers to openly collaborate to advance the capabilities, compatibility, and security of mission-critical solutions.

Mission Critical Alliance
  • Includes leaders in devices, network technologies, services and applications

  • Strengthens partnerships with best-of-breed technology solution providers

  • Alliance addresses the increasing need for technologies that seamlessly connect, integrate and operate

Centerity Logging Recorder Radio Systems L3Harris
Monitor Your Logging Recorder With Your L3Harris System

Centerity’s Integrated AIOps Platform ships with every L3Harris VIDA System. Exacom has partnered with Centerity to provide real-time alerts about the logging recorder’s performance to mutual L3Harris & Exacom customers.

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