Logging Recorders for Internet of Things (IoT)

record gps trackers, sensors & more

As the physical world becomes increasingly online and connected, new technologies are becoming available. These technologies allow organizations to capture and measure data created by the physical world. Examples include body sensors, device (e.g. gun trigger) sensors, orientation sensors, and more.

This IoT information, when captured in the HindSight recording system alongside audio, text, video, and metadata, allows for data extraction. As new technologies and integrations become available, Exacom is on the front-lines of recording IoT data.

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The features & reliability you need.

  • Record text/SMS interactions automatically

  • Support for NENA i3 standards

  • Capture all available metadata

  • Export text dialogues/conversations along with metadata

  • Integrates with HindSight 4 multimedia recorder
  • Integrates with QA module for easy reviews of interactions

Recording & Access Designed For Your Organization

Cost-Savings | FLexibility | Scalability

To protect your organization and leverage real insights, you need to record communications wherever they happen. You also need to be able to flexibly access those recordings and information. Our solutions are uniquely engineered for these complex business requirements.

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Distributed Multimedia & Voice Logging Recorders

Why Choose Exacom?

Flexible Recording Capabilities

Record nearly every kind of data at any location, anytime you want, and in a variety of methods.

Driving Industry Advancements

We work on your behalf to advance industry standards, integrations, and technologies—so you don’t have to.

Stronger Integration Partnerships

We work on your behalf to advance industry standards, integrations, and technologies—so you don’t have to.

IT-Friendly Recording Solutions

IT Departments love us! We offer a variety of flexible deployment options, automatic backup and alerting features, and more.

Scalable, Cost-Effective Solutions

Our systems scale from small and simple to large and complex, so you don’t pay for more than you need.

Field-Tested & Industry-Proven

We’ve been designing recording technology for over 30 years and have successful installations around the world.

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