Multimedia Logging Recorders

Our logging recorders are designed to be the most future-proof in the industry.

Communications are taking place in more locations than ever before, and call-takers, administrators, and offices need to access communications in more places and on more devices. Our voice and multimedia logging solutions are built for the ever-changing landscape of mission-critical communications.

  • Cybersecure Logging Recorders
  • American-Owned & Operated

  • Leading Technology Partners

  • Scalable & Cost-Effective As You Grow

  • Intuitive Incident Recreation

  • IT-Friendly Recording Solutions & Deployments

  • 98% Support Satisfaction Rate

Secure Recording

Exacom is actively investing in multiple security and cybersecurity efforts. This makes us the leading cybersecure recording solution on the market.

American-Owned & Operated

Exacom multimedia logging recorders are 100% American Made. All research, production, and manufacturing is done within the United States. Additionally, all of our Sales and Support Offices are located throughout North America.

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Scalable Recording As You Grow

Exacom provides some of the most cost-effective and scalable recording solutions in the industry. This is especially true as you grow–whether you’re adding more types of communications, more locations, more staff, or more agencies & departments.

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  • Cost Savings: save money up front and as the organization grows (compared to the cost of standalone recording units) when our solutions implemented in multiple departments across an organization.

  • Affordable Geo-Redundancy: place geo-diverse redundant recording systems anywhere in the world to ensure a recording never gets missed, at a more accessible rate.

  • Security: segment departments and allow/restrict access to records for certain users.

  • Scalability: easily add new PSAP/communication centers, mobile units, or logging recorder users to the environment.

  • Flexibility: leverage different deployment options and configurations

Scalable Recording As You Grow

Basic Recording Solution

Many of our customers start out with a basic implementation. They’re recording phone calls and a radio network from one or two separate agencies/departments within the same building.

Using our advanced security model, each agency/department can have different levels of access: just their own recordings, access to all recordings, or something in-between segmented by team, agency, department, etc.

  • Two/more departments can share a single recorder

  • You decide which team/agency accesses which recordings

Scalable Recording As You Grow

New Agencies/Departments

Adding new agencies or departments is easy with Exacom. If they utilize the same radio network and/or phone lines, no new recorder is required! If any new radio or phone pieces are added, a small recorder is needed for just those.

  • Two/more departments can share a single recorder

  • You decide which location/team/agency accesses which recordings

  • One/multiple departments can access all recordings, if needed

Scalable Recording As You Grow

Mobile Communications

You can add a mobile command vehicle with an on-board mobile recorder that captures off-grid radio traffic. Exacom’s mobile recorders are much more cost-effective than a full recording system.

Recordings can be played locally or sent to the main recorder so that any, some, or all of the other agencies/departments can access them.

  • Mobile recordings can be accessed locally

  • Mobile recordings can be sent to a recorder to be shared with other departments

  • Exacom’s mobile recorder is very cost-effective

Scalable Recording As You Grow

New PSAPs & Call-Taking Centers

Add a PSAP or new call-taking center to your environment easily, regardless of where that location resides geographically. Unless new phone lines or radio networks are added along with that location, no new recording equipment is required.

The new location would have access to recordings generated at their location, but they could also access recordings from other locations, departments, or agencies.

  • Multiple departments can utilize a single recorder

  • You decide which location/team/agency accesses which recordings

Scalable Recording As You Grow

Backup Communication Centers & Redundancy

It’s easy to add a redundancy that’s geo-diverse (located in a different area). With IP technology, the second location would record phone and radio traffic for all locations again and serve as a backup in case any those locations failed.

  • Peace of Mind
  • Potential Cost-Savings

Scalable Recording As You Grow

New Types of Communications

With Exacom’s modular approach, it’s easy and cost-effective to add in more or new phone lines, radio networks, and other media types like text-to-911, IoT sensor data, and call-taker screen video.

If your environment has multiple locations with multiple recorders, the new media integration is only required at a single recorder, and then it can be sent to any other recorder on the network.

  • Capture new audio/media types cost-effectively

  • Share recordings without purchasing multiple acquisitions

Loved By Customers

“We are on our second Exacom system… the Hindsight 4 Logging Recorder System with Screen Capture. We have always received good customer service and support… They have a good team and I would definitely recommend them.”

Barbara Davis, Director

Brown County OH Dept. of Public Safety

Satisfaction Rate

Support to Carry You Through

Exacom has one of the highest-rated support and service teams in the industry. With US-based manufacturer-direct support, it’s easy to see why.

  • Installation & training
  • System monitoring
  • Proactively resolving upstream issues
  • Troubleshooting
  • Growth plans & change management

  • Security patches

Discover ExaCare

IT-Friendly Recording Solutions

Software features that will keep your IT team happy and your communications systems healthy.

  • Flexible Deployment Configurations
    From on-premise to virtual to cloud, we work with you to determine the best solution to fit your situation.

  • Software-Focused Approach
    Our recording is 100% software-based. That makes our recorders highly scalable and easily maintained or upgraded.

  • No-Hassle Monitoring Features
    Our systems include SNMP-based self-monitoring software that alerts you as soon as there’s an issue.

  • Pure COTS Hardware
    Best-in-class commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware provides a wide range of alternatives to deliver on simple and complex configurations.

Intuitive Incident Recreation

As the types of information received get more complex and varied, it’s important that you have tools to help you make sense of an incident. By capturing all data types in a single system, our recorders can help you recreate events just like they happened.

Phone & VoIP Conversations

Radio & RoIP Audio

Text-to-911 (SMS) Messages

Console Screen Video

Event Logging

IoT Sensor Data & More

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