Multimedia Logging Recorders

Our voice and multimedia logging solutions are built for the ever-changing landscape of mission-critical communications. Today, that means recording more media types and data than ever before, and integrating with even more communications platforms to form a single source of record. We also take cybersecurity seriously in every aspect of what we do.

Less Growing Pains

Exacom provides some of the most cost-effective and scalable recording solutions in the industry. This is especially true as you grow: whether you’re adding more types of communications, locations, staff, or agencies & departments.

We make it easy to:

  • Implement a Brand New Recording Solution

  • Add/Remove Agencies or Departments

  • Record Mobile or Remote Communications

  • Add New PSAPs or Call-Taking Centers

  • Add a Backup Center or Redundancy

  • Add New Types of Communications

Cyber Secure Certification Department of Defense

Focused on Cybersecurity

Your logging recorder sits on your network and connects to other communications systems. As a result, it is particularly open to cyber attacks. Exacom takes every step possible to ensure the security of your recorder and networks.

American-Owned & Operated

Exacom multimedia logging recorders are 100% American-Made. All research, production, and manufacturing is done within the United States. Additionally, all of our Sales and Support Offices are located throughout North America.

A Single Source of Record

As the types of information received get more complex and varied, it’s important that you have tools to help you make sense of an incident. By capturing all data types in a single system, you can re-create events just like they happened.

Phone & VoIP


Dispatch Consoles & CAD

CPE / Call Handling

Text-to-911 (SMS) Messages

IoT Sensor Data & More

Loved By Customers

“We are on our second Exacom system… the Hindsight 4 Logging Recorder System with Screen Capture. We have always received good customer service and support… They have a good team and I would definitely recommend them.”

Brown County OH, Barbara Davis, Director, Dept. of Public Safety

“The first thing I like most when purchasing this system is how they were able to record all Radio/911 Phones/Intercom/Office Phones all on one server. Other companies wanted a single server for each. Also, support has been great. Any time I had to call, they responded very quickly. The system is very user-friendly.”

City of Aurora, CO, Robert Greer, Sr. Business Solutions Architect
“Best Customer Support in the business.”
City of Portsmouth, NH, Jim Layton, IT Director

“Fast and professional customer service every time. Thank you.”

Concord Hospital, Karen Rix, Sr. Application Analyst

IT-Friendly Recording Solutions

Software features that will keep your IT team happy and your communications systems healthy.

  • Flexible Deployment Configurations
    From on-premise to virtual to cloud, we work with you to determine the best solution to fit your situation.

  • Software-Focused Approach
    Our recording is 100% software-based. That makes our recorders highly scalable and easily maintained or upgraded.

  • No-Hassle Monitoring Features
    Our systems include SNMP-based self-monitoring software that alerts you as soon as there’s an issue.

  • Pure COTS Hardware
    Best-in-class commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware provides a wide range of alternatives to deliver on simple and complex configurations.

Customer Satisfaction Rate

Top-Notch Customer Support

Direct from the Manufacturer

Exacom has one of the highest-rated support and service teams out of all logging recorder companies. With US-based manufacturer-direct support, it’s easy to see why.

  • Installation & training
  • System monitoring
  • Proactively resolving upstream issues
  • Troubleshooting
  • Growth plans & change management

  • Security patches