Close the Door to Cyber Threats

Your logging recorder sits on your network and connects to other communications systems. As a result, it is especially open to cyber attacks. If it is compromised, your recorder could be used as a weapon to spread malicious software to your other mission-critical systems.

This is why Exacom takes cybersecurity very seriously.

Safeguard Your Data

  • Control over password complexity, compliant with NIST800-53 guidelines
  • Native multi-factor authentication (MFA) login for users
  • Tight access controls for users, channels, software features, and more
  • Encryption at Rest data security for all deployment types
    • Full disk encryption
    • File-level encryption
    • Database encryption
  • Options for FIPS140-2 certified solutions

Safeguard Your Network

  • Options for Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant hardware that is manufactured in a trusted country
  • Any third-party software & hardware components are carefully screened
  • Exacom is Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Level 1 compliant to safeguard remote access & your agency/company information
  • Ongoing static/dynamic software security scanning during development prevents known attack vectors
Cyber Secure Certification Department of Defense

Focused on Cybersecurity

Your logging recorder sits on your network and connects to other communications systems. As a result, it is especially open to cyber attacks. Exacom takes every step possible to ensure the security of your recorder and networks.

American-Owned & Operated

Exacom multimedia logging recorders are 100% American-Made. All research, production, and manufacturing is done within the United States. Additionally, all of our Sales and Support Offices are located throughout North America.

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Exacom’s JITC Certification

HindSight is the only multimedia recording solution that has met the Department of Defense’s current interoperability and cybersecurity requirements and thus the the only logging recorder offered on the DoDIN APL for usage by government agencies.

Exacom completed the rigorous Interoperability (IO) and Cybersecurity (CS) testing and certifications with both the Avaya Aura VoIP solution and the Cisco UCM. Exacom has also been approved to record analog and radio communications. With this broad approval, federal departments can communicate on-base or across the world on different communications platforms. The solution falls within the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) category in the APL.

Why Is JITC Certification Important?

Leveraging a JITC-certified recording solution, versus a solution that is not certified, is vital to an agency’s cybersecurity posture and maximizing interoperability across all systems in the communications network. Any non-certified solution introduced into an agency’s network opens the door for cyber attacks, regardless of how “secure” a solution is purported to be.