Two-factor/multi-factor authentication is part of a layered approach to cybersecurity that helps protect your password and login information, and securing data and applications.

What are the benefits of MFA and why is it a core area you should be focusing on during Cyber Awareness Month and utilize throughout your organization?

  • Extra layer of security for passwords and logins
    • Even if your password is stolen, the extra layer can prevent unwanted logins
  • More control over who has access to data
  • Secure for remote work
  • Meets many regulatory compliances

There are several layers and tools your organization can utilize to enable MFA, including:

  • Keys
  • ID Cards
  • Phones
  • Retinal scans
  • Fingerprints

Passwords can easily be hacked through social engineering and using AI. While there are flaws that cyber criminals can exploit in some instances to work around MFA, a layered approach to cybersecurity is important to protect the networks and data of all organizations. That extra step can thwart a potential intrusion or reduce the impact, at the least.

In Exacom’s campaign to increase the cybersecurity posture of mission-critical communications centers, we’ve implemented MFA not just throughout our company but also as an option within our logging recorder software. Administrators can activate MFA for users, ensuring that only authorized users can access the recorder and the network. This feature is available in the latest HindSight 4 release.

The above content was repurposed, with permission, from the blog post “Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023: Key Takeaways” by SecuLore

Exacom Takes Cybersecurity Seriously

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