• Streamlining Records & FOIA Requests in Public Safety

    FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and court records requests can be a time-consuming and complex process for government agencies to manage. However, there are [...]

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  • Exacom Announces Best-In-Class Transcription Service for Audio Recordings

    Exacom is pleased to announce audio transcription services are now available within the latest version of HindSight 4.Transcribed audio allows agencies to respond faster to [...]

  • Why Are Public Safety Agencies Required to Record Communications?

    Public safety agencies are typically required to record communications for several reasons, including: Evidence collection In many cases, public safety agencies [...]

  • Are Your Multi-line Telephone Systems up to Date?

    Multi-line Telephone Systems Safety is important to everyone; we want to be able to go home to our loved ones at the end of [...]

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  • Sample Multimedia Recording Policy

    A recording policy is important for Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) and 911 Centers who use logging recorders to assist in compliance and in investigations. [...]

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