Campus Police Discuss Safety Trends

This webinars features 3 on-campus police officers as they discuss the issues facing their public safety professionals on their campuses. These challenges result from the COVID-19 pandemic but also the ever-changing attitudes and behaviors of the college and university students they serve. These campus security professionals talk about how they’re addressing emergencies, student mental health issues, new safety & security communication tools, campus retention, and more.

Tune in as our three industry expert panelists examine campus security, student engagement, and student retention, and how those areas have been impacted because of COVID-19. They also debate possible trends and behaviors for 2021. Will life on campus go back to normal, or something has changed for good?

Don’t miss this great session with some of the country’s most influential experts in campus safety, student engagement, and emergency communications.

This panelist discussion covers:

  • What were some of the key campus safety concerns pre-COVID-19? How have those concerns changed?
  • What were the biggest retention issues pre-COVID-19? How have those evolved?
  • What new channels and tools can we leverage to increase security and engagement?
  • How is student and employee mental being addressed in the context of engagement?
  • …and much more.
Published On: January 26th, 2021Categories: Training, Staffing & RetentionTags:
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