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AudioNG 9-1-1P25 RadioText/SMS

Exacom provides digital logging recorder solutions for mission-critical organizations. We empower customers to record yesterday’s information, transform it into actionable insights today, and use it to transform how they do their jobs tomorrow.


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Types of Systems & Communications

Exacom has built relationships with communications providers to enable enhanced integrations with our logging recorders.

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Digital Multimedia Logging Recorder
HindSight 4

Digital Multimedia Logging Recorder

Powerful Features for Larger Organizations

APCO P25  |  NG 9-1-1 i3
Analog and IP Logging Recorder
HindSight 4 Lite

Analog & IP Voice Logging Recorder

Streamlined Recorder for Smaller Organizations

NG 9-1-1 i3
Mobile Analog Logging Recorder
EARS Mobile

Mobile Analog Logging Recorder

Compact Recorder for Mobile Vehicles

Remote Analog Logging Recorder

Remote Analog Logging Recorder

Compact Recorder With Flexible Playback

Recording & Access Designed For Your Organization

Cost-Savings | FLexibility | Scalability

To protect your organization and leverage real insights, you need to record communications wherever they happen. You also need to be able to flexibly access those recordings and information. Our solutions are uniquely engineered for these complex business requirements.

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Distributed Multimedia & Voice Logging Recorders
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