Mobile Radio & Call Logging Recorder

Ears Mobile is a compact multi-channel logging recorder designed for specialty & command vehicles. The unit allows you to capture recordings at the source (even if out of network range) and seamlessly connects to your vehicle power system.

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Radio Recording & Call Recording

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Install Anywhere

With a small footprint, Ears Mobile is ideal for placement inside tight spaces like vehicle cabs.

Record Anywhere

Since recordings are captured locally, you can record even while out of radio network range.

Play Recordings Anywhere

Recordings can be played back via a smartphone or tablet in the vehicle, regardless of radio network connectivity.

Centralize Recorded Data

With Exacom’s HindSight recorder, Ears unit recordings can be sent to the same repository as your other recordings. Access data from Ears remotely, and view all your data in centrally regardless of geographical source.

Intuitive Hardware Interface

Ears includes an OLED screen with controls and an array of status LEDs for channel recording, power, network, and file transfer. There is also a USB slot to access stored recordings.

Powered By Your Vehicle

The unit seamlessly connects to your vehicle power system. It intelligently senses when to turn on and off based on ignition and battery status. Easily record in mobile command vehicles, at fire-ground, in military vehicles, in transportation units, more.

Worry-Free Storage Capacity

Ears units come standard with a 16GB hard drive that records 143 hours of uncompressed channel hours. Units can be upgraded to a 32GB hard drive to support 430 channel hours.

Use As a Standalone Recorder

Recordings can be accessed easily while out in the field using a smartphone/tablet app, or they can be transferred to another device via USB storage drive for playback later.

Use As Part of Distributed Recording

Recordings gathered by the remote Ears unit can be sent to an Exacom HindSight recorder via streaming, FTP or both. So while your recordings are being logged in multiple locations, recording data across a variety of recorders can be accessed from a single interface.

So Much More Than a Box of Recordings

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To protect your organization and leverage real insights, you need to record communications wherever they happen. You also need to be able to flexibly access those recordings and information. Our solutions are uniquely engineered for these complex situations.

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