Auto-Open the RapidSOS Portal When a Call Comes In

While telecommunicators are listening to a call in Instant Recall, the online RapidSOS portal can automatically be opened to display that caller’s information (without typing in the phone number!).

This is most useful for agencies that don’t have a CAD system that can auto-launch the portal. Telecommunicators can see accurate real-time data like GPS location for the caller along with other demographic information.

What is the RapidSOS Portal?

The RapidSOS Portal allows every public safety agency to access data from the RapidSOS Clearinghouse. Typically, telecommunicators who use the portal must log in to and search for a phone number to see relevant information, unless they leverage in integration with their CAD (computer-aided dispatch) software.

How Do I Enable This Feature?

This feature is available to agencies with an Exacom HindSight logging recorder who leverage the RapidSOS recording integration. This integration adds other RapidSOS portal-related enhancements for agencies and telecommunicators that are designed to make incident reconstruction and QA review easier.

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