Next Generation 911 (NG911) is quickly becoming a reality. Governmental bodies, standards bodies, service providers, and vendors are all moving to implement NG911.

While there are several opinions for how this will occur, all agree that significant testing is required to ensure all the elements within an NG911 system and between NG911 systems, work together as intended. But exactly what testing is necessary? What testing is required to ensure a sufficient level of confidence by the public safety community in the solutions being deployed?

The objectives of this white paper are to:

  • Highlight the role of standards in NG911 testing;
  • Define the types of testing that should be considered; and
  • Identify the challenges of Interoperability testing.

We want to thank iCERT and the members of the Conformce Working Group (including Exacom President & CEO Al Brisard) for putting this whitepaper together. Used and distributed with permission.

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