Enhanced Incident Management with RapidSOS

Exacom’s HindSight Logging Recorder Captures All Data from RapidSOS for Every 911 Call

Valuable for:

Automatically Record Data from RapidSOS

Data from RapidSOS is only visible during live calls and for a short time after. This strategic partnership between Exacom and RapidSOS allows agencies to store all information from RapidSOS about a caller with the recorded audio from the call.

Recording this information is critical, since info from RapidSOS often influences how personnel respond to an incident.

The Most Recorded Data from RapidSOS

Out of all logging recorders, Exacom’s HindSight is the most tightly integrated with RapidSOS and the RapidSOS Clearinghouse.

What Gets Recorded? Exacom Other Recorders
Multimedia Recordings MIXED
Real-Time Location MIXED
Identification Data MIXED
Demographic Data MIXED
Health Data MIXED
Medical Wearables MIXED
Connected Car Data MIXED
Building Data MIXED
Multimedia Devices MIXED

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Recorded CALLS

Record & Search Data from RapidSOS

Once information from RapidSOS has been archived/recorded along with an audio file, you can use any of HindSight’s 14 different search and filter functions to find the record or info you’re looking for.

Live & ongoing Calls

Auto-Open RapidSOS Portal

While users are listening to a call, the online RapidSOS portal can automatically be opened to display that caller’s information (without typing in the phone number). This is most useful for agencies that don’t have a CAD system that can auto-launch the portal. Agencies can see accurate real-time data like GPS location for the caller along with other demographic information.


Data from RapidSOS Within HindSight

Within HindSight’s Instant Recall area, the RapidSOS panel will automatically display all relevant information from RapidSOS for a live or ongoing call. For supervisors using Instant Recall to monitor telecommunicator conversations, or in agencies where the CAD system doesn’t support all data from RapidSOS , the supervisors can have the data from RapidSOS in front of them without opening the Portal.

About the RapidSOS Clearinghouse

Partnering with Internet of Things (IoT) companies and the public safety community, RapidSOS provides a rich data link to public safety via the RapidSOS Clearinghouse – sending life-saving data to aid in emergency response. The RapidSOS Clearinghouse is a free service to public safety, and is integrated with all major vendors of 911 call-taking, dispatching and mapping software.

RapidSOS Rich Data Recording 911