Recording & Logging for NG 9-1-1

Communication Centers

NENA is working to upgrade 9-1-1 architecture throughout the USA and Canada to their i3 standard. This will help improve communications in an increasingly mobile society.

As new types of data come in regarding emergency events, interactions need to be logged, synthesized, and put into context so that first responders can do their jobs well. Exacom’s logging recorder systems capture a wide array of media and pull them together in a unified interface where incidents can quickly and accurately be reconstructed.

Exacom’s industry-leading incident management and quality assurance tools have been implemented at thousands of locations across the country.

Phone & VoIP Conversations

Radio & RoIP Audio

Text-to-911 (SMS) Messages

Console Screen Video

Event Logging

IoT Sensor Data & More

NENA Next Generation 911 Partner

In It From the Beginning

Exacom’s involvement with NENA’s i3 specification and NG 9-1-1 started long before NG 9-1-1 and i3 entered the public safety space. We’ve been working on NG 9-1-1 from the beginning and continue to help develop and expand this important effort.

Featured Whitepaper

NG 9-1-1 Testing & Interoperability

NG 9-1-1 is quickly becoming a reality for many agencies. However, significant testing is required to ensure all the elements within an NG911 system and between NG911 systems, work together as intended. This whitepaper:

  • Highlights the role of standards in NG911 testing;
  • Defines the types of testing that should be considered; and
  • Identifies the challenges of Interoperability testing
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Record Text-to-911

A major part of i3 is the ability for PSAPs to receive text-to-911 (SMS) messages. Exacom’s recorders capture these and display them seamlessly.

  • Record text/SMS interactions automatically

  • Capture all available metadata

  • Export text dialogue and conversations along with metadata

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Record Everything

Logging Recorders for NG 9-1-1 & Beyond

Record every detail: the 911 audio with metadata or the initial dispatch transmission, the RapidSOS data that informed the dispatcher’s response, the text message that was received about the same incident, how the information was entered into CAD, how Dispatch and the field units responded, and more.

Phone & VoIP Systems

Analog Phone

Avaya SIP/H.323

Cisco SIP

IPC Unigy »






& More!

Radio & RoIP Systems

L3Harris VIDA P25 Radio w/wo Encryption »

EFJohnson/Kenwood P25 Radio

Motorola Solutions™ »
Airbus/Cassidian P25 Radio w/wo Encryption
ASTRO P25 Radio w/wo Encryption

Tait Radio »
DMR Tier 2 Conventional Radio
DMR Tier 3 Digital Trunked Radio


& More!

Supplemental Emergency Data


CPE / Call Handling


Emergency Call Worx

Includes Text-to-911 Formerly West

Motorola Solutions™ Vesta
Formerly Airbus


And More!

Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)

CentralSquare CAD

Dispatch Consoles

Avtec Scout


Maestro, Symphony

Motorola Solutions
MCC7500, MIPS5000, WAVE

Telex Vega

ACOM, MAX Dispatch

Recordings Where You Need Them Most

Let Your Tools Work For You

Reduce how much time you spend in your logging recorder by moving recordings in and out to other systems or people automatically.

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CentralSquare CAD
Professional (coming soon)
Once a CAD event is closed, all phone and radio recordings are automatically packaged, and a link to the appropriate media is automatically added into the CAD system for that incident number.

  1. Find your recordings via one of 14 search/filter features
  2. If needed, annotate the audio/video using bookmarks and tag by incident # for easy grouping
  3. Download all related recordings at once, either individually or grouped
  4. Audio, and any associated metadata (including RapidSOS data), downloads in a concise ZIP file
  5. That file can easily be saved to a shared network location, online location like Google Drive or OneDrive, burned to a USB stick, or emailed.

Why Is Text-to-911 Important?