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Text-to-911 (SMS) Messages

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Record Voice via i3 SIPREC

Exacom integrates with multiple industry partners to record i3 audio and related metadata, via the SIPREC protocol. All audio and metadata is available in the recorder for archive, search and replay. Recordings can be transcribed, redacted & more.

Record Text-to-911 SMS

A major part of NENA’s NG9-1-1 i3 Standard is the ability for PSAPs to receive text-to-911 (SMS) messages. It is based on the SMS (Short Message Service) protocol but adds additional features such as the ability to send location information.

Record Real-Time Text (RTT)

Real-Time Text (RTT) technology, which happens via Message Session Relay Protocol (MSRP), allows consumers to send/receive text characters as they are typed, as well as other simultaneous media like voice and video.

Recording via i3 Standard

Exacom’s solutions are compliant with NENA’s i3 standard. Any system leveraging i3 can be recorded on our platform. Exacom’s NENA NG 9-1-1 i3 logging recorders capture a wide array of media and pull them together in a unified interface where incidents can quickly and accurately be reconstructed.

  • Record NG911 Call-Handling Audio

  • Record NG911 Text-to-911 SMS messages

  • Record NG911 Computer-Aided Dispatch Metadata

NENA Next Generation 911 Partner

Record i3 Text-to-911

  • Record text/SMS interactions automatically

  • Capture all available metadata

  • Export text dialogue and conversations along with metadata

Recording NG 9-1-1 Communications
NENA Next Generation 911 Partner

Involved In NG 9-1-1 i3 From the Start

Exacom’s involvement with NENA’s i3 specification and NG 9-1-1 started long before NG 9-1-1 and i3 entered the public safety space. We’ve been working on NG 9-1-1 from the beginning and continue to help develop and expand this important effort.

The Move to NG9-1-1

NENA is working to upgrade 9-1-1 architecture throughout the USA and Canada to their i3 standard. This will help improve communications in an increasingly mobile society. As new types of data come in regarding emergency events, interactions need to be logged, synthesized, and put into context so that first responders can do their jobs efficiently.

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