Your CAD and Logging Recorder Should be Integrated

To simplify access and save valuable time, Public Safety agencies should integrate their Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system with their logging recorder. Exacom’s HindSight Multimedia Logging Recorder has successfully integrated with Centralsquare’s CAD system making access to CAD data more complete. With this integration, dispatchers can access CAD data instantly instead of spending time searching for all data related to the incident and listening to each recording. This means each incident is less prone to human error and gives more time for dispatchers to do what they do best.

How Does the Integration Work?

Exacom’s HindSight Multimedia Logging Recorder works with the CAD system by automatically tagging the recording. A link to that file is created and added to the CAD system for each unique incident number. CentralSquare’s CAD system can push the following data into Exacom’s HindSight Multimedia Logging Recorder for easy search: 

  • Receiving phone call information 
  • Call-taker position  
  • Dispatch response  
  • When units were cleared from the incident 
  • When the incident was closed 
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