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Incident Reconstruction

CAD Reports

Answering phone calls

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FOIA Requests

Basic data entry

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Organizing calendar

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CAD Reports
The Old Method

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With 2 separate systems, compiling CAD reports is tedious.

  • Pull up CAD report to find dates and times to search within

  • Open recording software
  • Search for recordings

  • Manually listen to each recording to find what you’re looking for

  • Tag or save recordings to access later

CAD Reports
The New Method

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With interoperable systems, you get more time to do other things.

  • Pull up CAD report

  • Get coffee

  • Do another CAD report

Behind the Scenes:
As soon as a CAD event is closed, all recordings from Exacom’s HindSight Logging Recorder are automatically tagged and exported to a NAS location. A link to that file is automatically added into the CAD system for that incident number. When someone pulls up a CAD report later, they can click directly to hear audio.

Exacom + CentralSquare Can Enhance Your Operations

CAD Incident Info In Your Recorder, Too

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CentralSquare CAD software can also push data into the recorder, for easy reference.

  • Phone call info

  • Call-taker position

  • Dispatch response

  • When units were cleared from incident

  • When incident was closed

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