Quality Assurance (QA) for Public Safety


Call-taking and dispatch centers are under increasingly heavy demands. These stressors arise from staffing challenges, pressures to cut costs, pressure to increase transparency, and ever-evolving technologies and processes. More than ever, Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Improvement (QI) initiatives are essential. Done right, they can relieve some of the burden and free up organizations to focus on their mission.

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All of Exacom’s Managed QA Solutions Are Customizable Based On Your Goals
Launch Your Own Internal
QA/QI Program
Augment Existing
Programs & Staff
Trust Your Entire Program
to Our Experts

Launch Your Own QA Program

We’ll help lay the groundwork for your very own successful internal QA program.

Let Our Expertise Work For You
  • We assess any existing QA efforts and employee feedback procedures

  • We set up the overall program: scoresheets, reports & documentation

  • We define and write training processes

  • Your evaluators receive training on best practices and procedures

  • We monitor your program short-term to make sure it’s meeting your goals

Choose Your Own Tools
  • Use Exacom’s QA software or a different platform for evaluations

  • If you choose to use Exacom’s QA software, training on that is provided

  • You do NOT need to be using an Exacom recorder!

Augment Your Current Program

Our evaluators can work within your existing program to provide assistance during times of high overall traffic or to help with specific QA initiatives.

Let Us Come Alongside You
  • Our independent evaluators join your QA team and work in conjunction with your current staff

  • You train our evaluators on your existing QA methods, software and processes

  • Your existing procedures remain intact and unchanged

  • Independent evaluators work with you to perform evaluations and run regular reports

  • Monthly reports are sent to you

Choose Your Own Tools
  • Use any QA platform for evaluations!
    We recommended Exacom’s QA software, but it’s not required.

  • You do NOT need to be using an Exacom recorder!

Trust Your QA Program To The Experts

Leverage our years of industry experience to establish your QA program, then offload all evaluations and reporting work to our team of independent QA evaluators.

Managed End-to-End QA Solution
  • We assess any existing QA efforts and employee feedback procedures

  • We work with you to outline goals and design your new/revised QA program

  • We set up program materials, including scoresheets, reports & documentation

  • We create policies, training procedures & documentation

  • Independent evaluators perform regular assessments, based on your goals, and send you regular reports and recaps

QA Done Right
  • Our evaluators have hands-on Public Safety experience (most are former call-taker or dispatchers)

  • Each of our evaluators undergo regular training

  • We enlist third-party, independent evaluators to help eliminate reviewer bias

  • All programs and training adhere to APCO/NENA standards

  • Outsourcing QA allows you to ensure your evaluation and feedback remain a priority

Tangible QA/QI Benefits

For Management

  • Ensures Adherence to Standards, Procedures & Policies

  • Identifies Areas to Change Or Improve

  • Improves Staff Retention & Morale

  • Establishes Consistent Employee Evaluation & Feedback

  • Promotes Service Excellence

For Call-Takers & Dispatchers

  • They Get Feedback On Ways To Improve Their Performance

  • Stress Levels Drop Through Consistent & Transparent Communication

  • QA Helps Management Understand Their Daily Challenges & Implement Solutions