Exacom’s HindSight Multimedia Logging Recorder solution has met the Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Interoperability Test Command’s (JITC) requirements and is approved for deployment in the DoD’s technology infrastructure. As such, Exacom’s HindSight is now on the Department of Defense Information Network Approved Products List (DODIN APL). It is the only multimedia logging recorder to be approved to provide products to the Department of Defense.

Exacom completed the rigorous Interoperability (IO) and Cybersecurity (CS) testing and certifications with both the Avaya Aura VoIP solution and the Cisco UCM. Exacom has also been approved to record analog and radio communications. With this broad approval, federal departments can communicate on-base or across the world on different communications platforms. The solution falls within the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) category in the APL.

“This certification comes in a time when cybersecurity has never been more important to the government, private, and public sectors,” said President and CEO Al Brisard. “The completed JITC Certification gives our customers the reassurance that Exacom’s products are highly secure and interoperable. We are excited to be formally recognized for those efforts. We have long partnered with the U.S. Government to record 911 on military bases, but this approval will allow all federal departments to securely record critical communications across the globe and access those recordings securely.”

Exacom’s HindSight recorder provides audio recording and playback for customers throughout the public safety, government, energy, utility, healthcare, education, and security industries. Their range of recording solutions and deployment options allow for recording in virtually any environment, including geographically distributed recording, and are designed to be secure, IT-friendly, highly interoperable and feature-rich.

Published On: February 7th, 2022Categories: Cybersecurity, MCC Product Announcements, NewsTags:
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