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Motorola Radio Recording Solutions

Motorola P25 IP Radio Recording

Exacom’s logging recorders support trunked P25, conventional P25, and analog communications on the Motorola ASTRO P25 radio systems. Through Motorola Solutions’ Archive Interface Server (AIS) and Voice Processing Module (VPM), our recorders capture the IP audio streams and any related metadata and store them for easy retrieval.

MOTOTRBO Radio Recording

Exacom’s Motorola MOTOTRBO radio recording solutions are a cost-effective way to record MOTOTRBO communications. Our recorder interacts with the MOTOTRBO APIs for different configurations, like the NAI interface or through the Voice and Radio Command (VRC) gateway, to record all audio streams and metadata.

Recorded metadata includes start time, talkgroup ID, talkgroup alias, call type, unit ID, unit alias, called unit ID. For CapMAX, zone ID, site identifier, and caller ID are also captured.

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Demystifying Motorola’s AIS & VPM

What are the Archive Interface Server (AIS) and Voice Processing Module (VPM)? When it comes to recording radio traffic on Motorola's ASTRO 25 systems, instead of having the recorder connect to the radio system itself, Motorola requires the customer to purchase an Archive Interface Server (AIS) and Voice Processing Module (VPM). Once installed on [...]

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