What are the Archive Interface Server (AIS) and Voice Processing Module (VPM)?

When it comes to recording radio traffic on Motorola’s ASTRO 25 systems, instead of having the recorder connect to the radio system itself, Motorola requires the customer to purchase an Archive Interface Server (AIS) and Voice Processing Module (VPM). Once installed on the radio network, these components essentially operate as a go-between with the radio system and a recorder. They also act as a decryption service for private radio transmissions, so that audio can be passed to a digital logging recorder. Motorola requires one AIS for every logging recorder.

Why are both required to record Motorola ASTRO P25 radio systems?

Once the AIS is set up and working, the logging recorder uses an IP interface to connect to it and then requests RTP streams for all communications. In response to this request, the AIS tells the VPM to redirect the audio stream to the recorder IP. The AIS then sends all related metadata for each radio transmission, which can include talkgroup, radio ID, primary alias, call type, time, and date.

Once a record is in the recorder, Exacom’s logging recorder software allows for easy filtering, searching, tagging, bookmarking, replay, export, and redaction.

Each AIS+VPM combination is limited to 120 concurrent talkpaths and up to 256 talkgroups that can be recorded. If a site has more than 256 groups that they may need recorded, they will need more than one AIS and VPM per recorder to accommodate.

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