Orlando, FL:  Exacom, an industry leader in advanced communications recording solutions, is announcing the release of the EARS Mobile, a compact, mobile recording solution.  Exacom has developed this latest version of EARS to meet the needs of mobile recording applications such as Fire Ground recording, Tactical and Command Vehicle recording.  This mobile version of EARS is the latest element of Exacom’s distributed recording architecture and will be showcased at this year’s 2018 IWCE show in Orlando, FL.

The EARS™ Mobile is a Fire, Police and Incident Command recorder, that provides for a unique recording solution to meet the rigorous demands of Fire Ground, Tactical and Command Vehicle recording requirements.  With playback available via a Mobile Phone/Tablet and ease of recording file mobility with a USB off-loader, the EARS Mobile delivers a powerful and compact recording solution developed specifically for the mobile environment.  The EARS Mobile recorder also features full and seamless integration with the HINDSIGHT G3 multimedia recorder.  Together both platforms form a flexible and complex recording solution with long-term storage retention and a full range of communications integrations for the Dispatch and 911 environment.

Exacom will be demonstrating the new EARS Mobile along with the G3 software featuring Quality Assurance and Screen Capture options in the Exacom booth (#1959) at 2018 IWCE in Orlando, March 7 -8. Please visit us to see how these new products can meet and exceed your needs!