In 1986, a small tech R&D/manufacturing company started in Concord, NH. In the 36 years since, Exacom has grown exponentially, becoming one of the major players in the mission-critical communications industry. During that time, we have been privileged to call 99 Airport Road our home base. HQ has been our primary production facility for both HindSight and Ears and housed much of our Support, Sales, Engineering, QA, and Admin teams.


Over the years, our proximity to the airport—and the resulting frequent airplane noise—has endeared our customers and partners to us over many a conference call and webinar. In this old building next to the Concord Airport, Exacom was born and has flown to new heights.

In January 2023, Exacom will be moving our HQ facility to the Sundial Center in Manchester, NH, to accommodate our growth. This new cutting-edge facility will still be our primary engineering and production location for all of our product lines. We are excited for the ways this new office and production space will allow us to continue to focus on what matters most: serving our customers to the best of our ability.

Published On: December 22nd, 2022Categories: News
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