Exacom, Inc. is announcing new partnerships to provide mission-critical and productivity solutions for the national security, public safety, and enterprise markets. Along with Airbus U.S. Space & Defense, Inc., Blueforce Development Corp., Common Objects, and Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc., Exacom is helping teams that were originally siloed connect on a single platform to enhance communications, and even automate some of the workload. These solutions will be demoed at IWCE in the Airbus booth 2225.

Each partner brings a unique solution set to the table that individually has a strong track record in these markets: Agnet by Airbus is a cloud-based MCPTx communications platform for video, voice and data over broadband; Blueforce offers a suite of data-rich sensors, which can connect over the internet to provide real-time data to other systems; Catalyst’s IntelliLink™ Interworking device allows for seamless communications between subscribing units on traditional LMR systems, nearly any MCPTx service including Agnet, DMR and P25 systems, and other legacy radio systems; Common Objects offers multiple remotely controlled robotics platforms which can be outfitted with advanced cameras and sensors; and Exacom’s HindSight™ logging recorder can capture all available audio, video, and data, so that key details can easily be called up for examination after a significant incident has occurred.

“You’re really setting the stage for national security, public safety, and enterprise organizations to revolutionize how they do some of the manual or dangerous work they perform.”

Mark Woody, Exacom Product Manager

As part of this new partnership, each company has integrated their solutions with the other, bringing people across disparate networks and technologies onto a single communications platform with added tools to help inform their decisions and keep them safe. “This group of companies have each brought their own technology solutions to the table, and what the customers come away with is more than the sum of just the parts,” said Exacom Product Manager Mark Woody. “Getting siloed teams onto the same page is going to make for safer and more efficient operations across the board. And then when you add into that mix robots, sensors, and AI, you’re really setting the stage for national security, public safety, and enterprise organizations to revolutionize how they do some of the manual or dangerous work they perform.”

An example of these technologies in action would be where the airplane crew, gate attendants, baggage handlers, fuel truck drivers, plane mechanics, food service delivery staff, custodial staff, and security personnel are working to prepare a plane to leave the gate. Traditionally, these teams are siloed in their communications networks; it’s difficult to share information across these groups, and it’s rarely in real-time. When an incident occurs, it’s next to impossible to determine what happened and where the failure was, to mitigate risk down the line. However, with these new integrated technologies, these workflows could look very different.

  1. Each team could communicate with the other directly on a single platform without the need to purchase new communications devices. Teams would all be able to collaborate in real-time around the maintenance of the aircraft at that gate.
  2. Robots and AI-powered sensors could help automate routine tasks, such as performing visual security checks of the areas surrounding the gate or scanning for damage to the airplane or maintenance equipment.
  3. These tools could share real-time video and data feeds with every person working that gate and then issue alerts at certain thresholds: That information could be the speed and direction of travel of trucks and other vehicles, weather and air quality information, proximity detection for personnel and vehicles, and more.
  4. Every bit of generated media (audio, video, and data) across any platform could be recorded, timestamped, and archived. In case of a security or maintenance incident, having a single logging recorder for every component would allow administrators to easily review any visual, auditory, or environmental piece of evidence surrounding that event.


About Exacom, Inc.

Exacom, Inc. is a technology company that provides telecommunication and data recording solutions. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of high-performance communication recording and data management systems for various industries, including law enforcement, emergency services, military, and financial institutions.

Exacom’s products and services help organizations to securely record, manage, and analyze voice and data communications, such as radio and telephone communications. The company’s solutions are designed to provide organizations with secure and reliable access to recorded data, enabling them to improve operations, comply with regulations, and protect their critical communications.

Exacom is known for its cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions and has a reputation for providing high-quality products and excellent customer support.

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