Exacom and ALL-COMM Technologies are pleased to announce that they are working together to showcase and provide best-in-class communications solutions to New England public safety agencies. Exacom is a leader in digital logging recorder solutions for mission-critical organizations nationwide, while ALL-COMM is one of the nation’s leading Integrators of high-end radio systems and event communications. Together, they will provide integrated mission-critical solutions to 9-1-1 centers, PSAPs, dispatchers, police departments, and fire departments.

With a combined 75 years of experience in their fields, both companies take immense pride in servicing the public safety industry in the greater New England communities. This partnership will enable both companies to continue that tradition. As their newest channel partner, ALL-COMM will be able to offer Exacom’s industry-leading recording systems to their customers. The recording systems will be integrated with ALL-COMM’s radio systems and dispatch consoles, offering customers a comprehensive communications solution.

To help serve existing clients, and assist acquiring new customers, ALL-COMM will be operating out of a 26,000 square foot facility in New Hampshire. Fully staffed, this will allow ALL-COMM to provide exceptional customer service, RF engineering, equipment staging, and a fully-equipped rental department to support national events.
“Exacom is excited to work with ALL-COMM to bring integrated solutions and services to our collective New England customer base and beyond,” said Exacom President and CEO Al Brisard. “It is no longer about selling a single product; it is about delivering interoperable and integrated solutions that provide a higher value proposition. We’re honored and fortunate to have found a partner that shares the same perspective.”

“Exacom has a proven track record of close integration and deep interoperability with our other partners,” said Chris Laquidara, Director of Operations at ALL-COMM. “By partnering with them, we can provide more than just quality communications components and services; we can jointly offer public safety customers an integrated end-to-end solution. It’s this kind of forward-thinking that both Exacom’s and ALL-COMM’s customers have come to expect and appreciate.”

Exacom is headquartered in Concord, NH, and serves public safety agencies worldwide in addition to multiple other industries. ALL-COMM Technologies is headquartered in Revere, MA, and serves the New England area. ALL-COMM is also opening a secondary location in Concord, NH.

About Exacom

Exacom is a leading provider of multimedia (analog, RoIP, VoIP, text /SMS, and screen capture) logging/recording solutions. In 2020, they were named on the Inc. 5000 list as one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Their solutions span across public safety, government, DoD, energy, utilities, transportation, and security applications. With thousands of recorders installed across the world, their solutions are proven to exceed the demanding needs of today’s complex and rapidly advancing mission-critical environments. For more information, visit: https://exacom.com/.

About ALL-COMM Technologies, Inc.

Since 1982, ALL-COMM has been one of the nation’s leading providers of high-end radio communication systems, event communications and related products. With extensive experience working with a variety of government agencies, commercial organizations, and private businesses, ALL-COMM has been relied on by public safety, utilities, transportation and other markets in the greater Boston and New England area for forty years. We are committed to bringing the latest technological innovations and supporting every technology need, from design and engineering to installation and repair. For more information, visit: https://www.allcomtechnologies.com