Company Profile

EXACOM, Inc. was founded in 1986 as a New Hampshire based corporation chartered for the purpose of providing telecommunication technology research and product development and manufacturing services. Since then, EXACOM has grown to become a leading manufacturer of multi-media recording solutions for public safety, homeland security, defense, utilities and transportation applications.

EXACOM is known for a longstanding and ongoing commitment to providing quality engineered solutions based on the demanding requirements of the public safety and defense industries. EXACOM accomplishes this through the development of innovative integration technologies for applications which require transitional technology.

The EXACOM corporate culture is best described as an intense desire to provide the best technology possible while maintaining excellent customer service and satisfaction of all clients. EXACOM Corporate Headquarters are located in Concord, NH.

EXACOM’s commitment to customer service is exemplified by our regional support offices strategically located in Concord, NH; Dover, DE; Chicago, IL; Charleston, SC; Tampa FL; Dallas, TX; Chico, CA and Boisbriand, QC Canada which support our direct accounts as well as a network of authorized regional resellers and corporate partners.