Audio Logging Recorders

Secondary public safety answering points (PSAPs) need a reliable recording solution, just like the primary PSAP, that can help reconstruct an incident from the moment a call was transferred to them. Record every detail: the original audio with metadata, the RapidSOS data that informed the your staff’s response, the text message that was received about the same incident, and more.

  • Near-military-grade hardening for Cybersecurity comes standard

  • All recording solutions are field-tested & industry-proven

  • Leverage tools like instant recall, review, export, and redaction

  • Review your staff with optional Quality Assurance software

  • Capture recordings from both new and legacy systems

  • Record at geographically-diverse sources, and access centrally

  • Grow cost-effectively with flexible, scalable architecture

Did You Know?

You can share an Exacom recorder with any other agency/organization on your network. Reduce costs, enhance cross-agency QA/QI insights, and more fully reconstruct incidents.

Public Safety Associations

Record from 80+ Sources

Single place of record for phone, radio, CHE, CAD, NG 9-1-1 i3, SIP, Text/MMS, MCPTX, videos & more

Record L3Harris Two-Way Radio Systems Radio Recording
Record Motorola Radio Systems Radio Recording
Record Avaya Phone Systems Audio Recording
Record Third-Party Data from RapidSOS Portal Phone Calls
Record CentralSquare CAD data
Record Zetron Consoles Audio Recording
Record Avaya Phone Systems Audio Recording
Record Solacom Consoles Audio Recording
Record Intrado Consoles Audio Recording
Record Zetron Consoles Audio Recording
Record Telex Consoles Audio Recording
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Recordings Where You Need Them Most

Let Your Tools Work For You

Reduce how much time you spend in your logging recorder by moving recordings in and out to other systems or people automatically.

Have a solution you want us to integrate with? Our API makes it easy. Contact us to get the process started.

CentralSquare CAD
Professional (coming soon)
Once a CAD event is closed, all phone and radio recordings are automatically packaged, and a link to the appropriate media is automatically added into the CAD system for that incident number.

  1. Find your recordings via one of 14 search/filter features
  2. If needed, annotate the audio/video using bookmarks and tag by incident # for easy grouping
  3. Download all related recordings at once, either individually or grouped
  4. Audio, and any associated metadata (including RapidSOS data), downloads in a concise ZIP file
  5. That file can easily be saved to a shared network location, online location like Google Drive or OneDrive, burned to a USB stick, or emailed.

Built-In Resiliency & Alerts to Eliminate Downtime

Smarter Incident Management

Live Monitoring, Instant Replay & Long-Term Recording

Highly Cybersecure

IT-Friendly Deployment Options

  • Over 35 Years Industry Experience

  • 100% American Owned/Operated

  • Cybersecurity

  • Unrivaled Support
  • Trusted Worldwide
  • Flexible Deployments