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Featured Product:  Announcing HINDSIGHT™ G3

 The new HINDSIGHT™ G3 Multi-Media IP recording solution addresses many of the challenges faced by those responsible for public safety and critical communications.   The HINDSIGHT™ G3 enables the transition from legacy environments to next generation phone, radio and 911 systems.  HINDSIGHT™ G3 utilizes Dell COTS hardware solutions to allow for flexible and scalable upgrades that are well supported.  Innovative new features such as a new user interface, Quality Assurance and Screen Capture, provide the users with powerful functionality such as increased call and data search capabilities.

Examples of Available Options:

  • APCO P25 IP Radio System Integrations, enable enhanced search capabilities
  • NG9-1-1 IP Integration
  • RoIP Console Integration
  • Integrated QA Module
  • NAS Long Term Storage
  • HINDSIGHT™ G3 Client GUI for Remote Playback/Monitoring
  • Fully Compatible With EARS-104 IP Series Recorders
  • Screen Capture/Recording