P25 Radio System Recording Solutions

EXACOM is proud to offer a full featured server based HINDSIGHT™ G3 next generation recorder for integrated P25 radio system applications. Search times are greatly improved and enhanced with the additional metadata presented by the P25 radio system.

16 – 360 channels available (larger configurations available, please check with factory) Integrations Available for Most P25 Radio Systems Robust software For High Availability Applications Supports EARS-104 Remote Channel Recording Encrypted Communications Recording Information Assurance / Hardened Solutions

  • For IP, Digital and Conventional P25 Radio Audio (Contact Factory for Additional Information)
  • Search for Calls Based on Metadata Presented By the P25 System
  • Instant Recall
  • VoIP, Digital and Analog Phone Recording
  • Simultaneous Record/Playback
  • SQL Database
  • Case/Incident Folders for Tagged Recordings
  • System Reports
  • NAS Long Term Storage
  • HINDSIGHT™ G3 Client GUI for Remote Playback/Monitoring
  • Playback Software
  • Fully Compatible With EARS-104 IP Series Recorders
  • Integrated QA Module Option Available
  • Screen Capture/Recording Option Available


datasheet-icon Airbus/DS P25 Recording Solution
datasheet-icon EFJohnson P25 Recording Solution
datasheet-icon Harris P25 Recording Solution
datasheet-icon Motorola P25 Recording Solution
datasheet-icon Tait P25 Recording Solution