To do their jobs effectively, public safety agencies and first responders need accurate answers immediately. New technologies make this possible by delivering vital data to agencies. However, with information so spread out, it’s easy for it to get overlooked or miscommunicated. Plus, such data rarely gets recorded, which puts agencies at risk if there are questions surrounding an incident.

Scattered Information

Disparate Systems

Data Not Recorded

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Use Information Better

By integrating emergency 911 handling systems, telecommunicators, dispatchers, and first responders can access this data easily and automatically, and the data can be shared across all systems to ensure accuracy. Data can also be collected along with all other incident data for analysis and reconstruction after the event. Vendors are working to integrate so that data can be passed across systems, but agencies can take steps today to utilize these tools in the absolute best way possible.

We’ll Discuss:
  • How 911 agencies can better understand what is happening in an emergency with real-time, incident-specific data

  • Areas where ECCs can automate, simplify, and improve their processes and responses
  • New ideas for leveraging existing tools for more accurate responses

  • How 911 agencies can better understand what happened during an emergency, post-incident

Presented By

Jamison Peevyhouse
Jamison PeevyhouseDirector of Public Safety, RapidSOS
Hannah Slaven
Hannah SlavenDirector of Marketing, Exacom

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