A recording policy is important for Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) and 911 Centers who use logging recorders to assist in compliance and in investigations. A clear policy thoroughly communicates throughout the agency why a recorder is used, what gets recorded, who has access, how recordings are accessed, and how long recordings are stored.

Exacom has compiled a sample multimedia recording policy that you can use to start drafting your own agency policy. This sample covers a variety of media types, including audio from phone and radio, surveillance video, text/SMS messages, and telecommunicator screen recordings.

Key areas addressed by this policy are:

  • Purpose of the logging recorder system
  • Recording system access and monitoring
  • Management of the recording system
  • Distribution of recordings
  • Storage of recordings

If you have other suggestions for this policy that could help agencies like yours, please share with us!

This document is to only be used as a sample/guideline for creating your own policy. Your policy should be reviewed by your legal counsel before implementation.

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