Analog & IP Audio Logging Recorder

HindSight™ 4 Lite Voice Logging Recorder
HindSight 4 Lite was designed with smaller organizations in mind. This phone and radio logging system is elegantly simple and straightforward, making it a cost-effective option for organizations with smaller recording needs.
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HindSight 4 Lite

Deployment Options
The Whole Package
Software Features

Phone & VoIP Conversations

Radio & RoIP Audio

Text-to-911 (SMS) Messages

Record Everything

High-Availability Multimedia Logging Recorders

Record every detail of an incident: the initial communication, every follow-up communication, and any dispatch details. Then, reconstruct the incident later to see exactly what happened.

Record a variety of communication types, including NENA NG 9-1-1 (i3), APCO P25 radios, FirstNet and other MCPTx, and more.

Phone & VoIP Systems

Analog Phone

Avaya SIP/H.323

Cisco SIP

IPC Unigy »






& More!

Radio & RoIP Systems

L3Harris VIDA P25 Radio w/wo Encryption »

EFJohnson/Kenwood P25 Radio

Motorola Solutions™ »
Airbus/Cassidian P25 Radio w/wo Encryption
ASTRO P25 Radio w/wo Encryption

Tait Radio »
DMR Tier 2 Conventional Radio
DMR Tier 3 Digital Trunked Radio


& More!

CPE / Call Handling


Emergency Call Worx

Includes Text-to-911 Formerly West

Motorola Solutions™ Vesta
Formerly Airbus


And More!

Dispatch Consoles

Avtec Scout


Maestro, Symphony

Motorola Solutions
MCC7500, MIPS5000, WAVE

Telex Vega

ACOM, MAX Dispatch

Supplemental Emergency Data


Recordings Where You Need Them Most

Let Your Tools Work For You

Reduce how much time you spend in your logging recorder by moving recordings in and out to other systems or people automatically.

Have a solution you want us to integrate with? Our API makes it easy. Contact us to get the process started.

CentralSquare CAD
Professional (coming soon)
Once a CAD event is closed, all phone and radio recordings are automatically packaged, and a link to the appropriate media is automatically added into the CAD system for that incident number.

  1. Find your recordings via one of 14 search/filter features
  2. If needed, annotate the audio/video using bookmarks and tag by incident # for easy grouping
  3. Download all related recordings at once, either individually or grouped
  4. Audio, and any associated metadata (including RapidSOS data), downloads in a concise ZIP file
  5. That file can easily be saved to a shared network location, online location like Google Drive or OneDrive, burned to a USB stick, or emailed.

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Pay Only For The Recording Features You Need

  • Record up to 48 channels on a single server

  • Leverage your integrations to their fullest potential with complete metadata recording

  • Use chain, repeat, and variable speed for seamless audio recording playback

  • Tag audio and text recordings for easy grouping and recall

  • Export, download, save & email records quickly

  • Capture and archive Text-to-911 (NG 9-1-1) SMS messages

Instant Replay

Users can control volume levels and speed (without making it sound like a chipmunk) to make it easy to understand what’s being said.

Easy Record Management

Use tags to segment recordings by CAD Incident ID or court case number. All types of media (audio & text/SMS) are visible in a single search pane. Collected records can easily be exported before being emailed or burned to a CD.

Share Recorders & Costs with Distributed Recording

Partition access to records by user, team, department, agency, or organization. A single recorder (and associated costs) can be shared across multiple departments or organizations while only allowing appropriate access to recordings.

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Never Miss a Recording

Recordings are automatically backed up to a secondary storage location. Real-time fault monitoring alerts you if something goes wrong. Recorders can be set up in redundant or geo-diverse* redundant configurations for 24/7/365 up-time .

What Type of Redundancy is Right For Me?
Grow Easily

Exacom uses open architecture (Windows OS, SQL databases, and COTS hardware) to build our logging recorders, so they’re easy to maintain and scale. Add more recorders cost-effectively as your communications expand.

Control Your Archival & Storage

Automatically delete recordings based on retention schedules that you set. We also have a wide variety of cost-effective storage options depending on your retention schedules and recorded media types.

So Much More Than a Box of Recordings

Cost-Savings | FLexibility | Scalability

To protect your organization and leverage real insights, you need to record communications wherever they happen. You also need to be able to flexibly access those recordings and information. Our solutions are uniquely engineered for these complex situations.

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Distributed Multimedia & Voice Logging Recorders

The Complete Recording Package

Powerful Recording Software

HindSight 4 Lite

HindSight is a feature-rich web application that runs on any modern browser. It connects via any VPN/network to the logging recording hardware that captures and stores interactions. This software is refined continuously in partnership with our mission-critical customers.

Proactive  Customer Support

Exacare program

Exacom has one of the highest-rated support and service teams in the recording industry. With manufacturer-direct support and all of our support staff based in North America, it’s easy to see why.

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Deploys on Dell COTS Hardware

HindSight 4 Lite deploys on Dell COTS hardware which includes RAID 1 data protection.

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