Exacom, Inc, provider of industry-leading multimedia logging recorder solutions and creator of HindSight  has partnered with Tyto Athene, LLC, a full-service systems integrator and inventor of ACUITY® by Tyto Athene, to integrate Exacom’s HindSight recording software into every ACUITY Next Generation 9-1-1 Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) solution.

Tyto Athene’s ACUITY NG 9-1-1 COOP operates as a complete portable and remote backup PSAP for public safety personnel and first responders. Built from the ground up, it was designed to help PSAPs meet the NENA Continuity of Operations Plan in which every PSAP must have a backup center. It weighs just 30 pounds and can be deployed within 1 hour. Because of Tyto Athene’s comprehensive solution, PSAPs are no longer reliant on separate, standalone systems for a backup center. The ACUITY NG 9-1-1 COOP integrates onboard servers, WiFi, LTE, processing and analytics capabilities, data security, call handling software, and now, Exacom’s HindSight logging recorder software. The turn-key solution is seamless to set up, eliminating frustration with disjointed systems, so that first responders and tactical teams are never out of touch.

Exacom’s logging recorder solutions are already field proven in the public safety markets, with thousands of installations worldwide in some of the biggest jurisdictions in America. This partnership allows any voice communications via the ACUITY solution to be recorded, along with any associated metadata, so that recordings can be used post-incident as evidence or for Quality Assurance. HindSight, Exacom’s flagship recording software, also provides users with a variety of reporting and analytics features for recorded communications, which can provide valuable insight on emergency operations. Additionally, by leveraging Exacom’s distributed architecture, recordings from the ACUITY solution can be sent to any other networked Exacom recorder, such as at the primary PSAP center, once that center is back online.

“We are very excited to work with Tyto Athene to extend the capabilities of their ACUITY solution to include recording,” said Mark Woody, Product Manager. “ACUITY solves so many problems with emergency and backup communication centers, but it is vital that these communications also get recorded in a secure and reliable way. Exacom’s HindSight recorder provides an integrated way to recall and replay recordings in the moment or even long after the backup or remote center is no longer needed.”

About Exacom, Inc.

Exacom is a leading provider of multimedia (analog, RoIP, VoIP, text /SMS, and screen capture) logging/recording solutions. In 2020, they were named on the Inc. 5000 list as one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.  Their solutions span across public safety, government, DoD, energy, utilities, transportation, and security applications. With thousands of recorders installed across the world, their solutions are proven to exceed the demanding needs of today’s complex and rapidly advancing mission-critical environments. For more information, visit: exacom.com.

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About Tyto Athene, LLC:

Tyto Athene, LLC is a full-service systems integrator focused on helping clients accelerate their ability to make decisions by providing secure access to enterprise information throughout their operating environment. We use a wide range of technologies, innovative thinking, and proven processes to deliver successful outcomes for its clients worldwide, including a historically proven track record of success within the Federal marketplace providing turn-key voice, data, networking and UC systems. Tyto Athene is also the inventor and provider of the ACUITY® Micro Data Center product line. To learn more about Tyto Athene please visit www.gotyto.com.

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