Exacom is pleased to announce the new version of their streamlined logging recorder platform. HindSight 4 Lite replaces HindSight G3 Lite as Exacom’s solution to smaller organizations in need of a cost-effective logging solution.

Key Features:

  • The new browser-based platform is easier for IT teams to deploy, update and maintain
  • New technology ensures organizations are cloud-ready
  • HindSight 4 Lite performs up to 190% faster than previous versions
  • Users can access records via computer workstation and tablet
  • Administrators can impersonate user accounts for faster setup and troubleshooting

Like the previous version, HindSight 4 Lite is a cohesive package of hardware, software, and support that can easily be distributed through the marketplace. The recorder runs on Windows 10 Enterprise OS and on a Dell COTS workstation supporting RAID 1 1TB. Maxing out at 48 total analog/IP channels, the recording system is designed to support of up to 4 different integrations, which can be any combination of the available integrations based on your needs. The available integrations include analog, MOTOTRBO, DMR, Solacom Active SIP, Cisco Active SIP, ANI/ALI (E911), Zetron, AcomNOVUS, and Avtec Scout.

HindSight 4 Lite can act as a standalone unit, but it can also work as an integral component in a larger multi-site distributed recording solution, allowing Exacom customers to experience the most flexible and integrated configurations in the industry.

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